Ep 25: Persona 5 (Pt 9): Endgame

October 30, 2017

We close out our coverage of Persona 5 with a journey into the collective unconscious, a battle with the Holy Grail, and a curious definition of "aesthetics".


Ep 24: Persona 5 (Pt 8): December & Ship Palace

August 8, 2017

We embark on the seas of sunken Tokyo and infiltrate a ship full of elites, lying, stealing and fighting our way to get letters of introduction. Who is the Cleaner? The mysterious IT guy who never leaves his cabin? And what lies behind the golden door? 


Ep 23: Persona 5 (Pt. 7): October, November & Casino Palace

July 3, 2017

Alex and Paul dig deep into the exposition fest that is this late-game chapter. In the interim, Akechi joins the team at long last, we learn some not-too-surprising twists, and get a glimpse of Sae's dark side.


Ep 22: Persona 5 (Pt. 6): August, September & Okumura Palace

June 20, 2017

BEWARE THE BEAUTY THIEF. Alex D'Arata Wolfe joins Paul to discuss our team's summer fun in Hawaii, get in an argument with our cat, and whether capitalism is the true Hamburglar.


Ep 21: Persona 5 (Pt. 5): Futaba’s Palace

June 6, 2017

Hope you like pyramid/desert levels. Plus Zelda-lite puzzles. In this episode, we save Futaba from herself, discuss why her Persona is the best of all, and learn more about why Sojiro is a creep. 


Ep 20: Persona 5 (Pt. 4): June and Kaneshiro’s Palace

May 12, 2017

AKECHI IS BAE. Or is he? As our Phantom Thieves enter June, we meet a famous boy detective, gain an important team member, and take on a loser yakuza boss ensconsed in a flying saucer bank. We also start what may be our creepiest and most inappropriate confidant link with a strangely familiar private maid.


Ep 19: Persona 5 (Pt. 3) May & Madarame Palace

May 5, 2017

What if an evil painter rose to fame on the backs of underpaid labor? No, we’re not talking about Thomas Kinkade here; in fact Madarame is the toast of the art world. The Phantom Thieves are on the case, gaining a new member while they’re at it and sending Mona out on his own Mission Impossible mission. But what is the secret of the enigmatic Sayuri painting?


Ep 18: Persona 5 (Pt. 2): April & Kamoshida Palace

April 28, 2017

LET US START THE GAME. In the first month of Persona 5, things start out grim: our protagonist is a juvenile delinquent, the gym teacher rules the school with a mix of intimidation, sexual and physical abuse, and a mysterious app is sending us to a nightmarish parallel world. Along the way we discover a dungeon full of butt statues, forge an unexpected alliance, and meet a talking cat.


Ep 17: Persona 5 (Pt. 1): First Impressions and Overview

April 21, 2017

THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION. We join the Phantom Thieves and set out to steal hearts with our first episode on Persona 5. In this episode we go into our first impressions, mechanics, and talk about how Atlus's latest compares to previous Persona and SMT games.