Episode 12: Megami Ibunroku Persona (Manga)

December 28, 2016

Hey, remember how we spent the past couple of months playing the first Persona game? And we went through its remarkably convoluted plot about parallel dimensions, and evil girl, and more Makis than we knew what to do with? Well, here's the exact same story, told in an even more convoluted way, in manga form! We talk about the modest ways the manga succeeds, the many ways it fails, and what it fails to get about the concept of Personas or adapting video games to other forms.


Ep 11: Persona (Pt 3): Species of Fools

December 15, 2016

In our final episode about the first Persona game, we travel through multiple dimensions to save the one true Maki from her doppelgängers. Along the way, we go psycho diving once again, discover embarassing details about Mark's past, and learn how jealousy can turn you into a mustache-twirling villian.


Ep 10: Persona (Pt 2): This world is a counterfeit

December 1, 2016

With our friend Ian in tow, we grind through the middle portion of the first Persona. As our heroes enter a parallel world much like their own, they come across a junior eldritch monstrosity, get lost in the mall, and engage in some amateur art criticism. 


Ep 9: Persona (Pt 1): Roses are Red, Zombies are Blue

November 17, 2016

Have you heard of this mysterious game the schoolkids have been whispering about? It's called the Persona game. With the help of our friend Ian, we take on the very first installment in the Persona series. Released for the PSX in 1996, the first Persona is a lot closer to Shin Megami Tensei than what the series would become, but there are plenty of portents of what would come later. You've got teenagers, the Velvet Room, and a shadowy corporation pulling the strings...along with non-sequitirs like a fearsome mouse-tank boss.